Are Your Floors Making a Bad First Impression?

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One of the first impressions that people get when they walk through the door of your home comes from your flooring. The look and feel of your ground coverings, even through shoes, can make a difference in the way people see you as well as how they perceive your overall home atmosphere.

Roughed-up wood, un-level surfaces, uncomplimentary colors, and poor functionality can all contribute to giving guests a bad first impression of your home. Understanding these problems and the possible solutions is the first step in perfecting the interior style and ambiance of your home.

Roughed-up Wood Flooring

Floors have it tough. They are trod upon all day with no rest, and not just by feet. Cleats, dog paws, cat claws, work boots, snow boots, and high heels all take a turns beating up your surface, leaving it become chipped, cracked, and uneven. This can make a bad first impression on visitors and upset the home-owners as well, so it is important to find a way to keep your boards from visually displaying all this wear and tear.

One simple solution is a rug. Whether your surface is tile, wood, laminate, bamboo, cork or some other similar material, throwing down a nice area rug can often add years onto a floor’s life, as well as add to the ambiance of the room.

However, the kinds of rugs that can help keep damage at bay often do not come cheap. It is important that homeowners understand how much they can bring to a room before discarding the idea over costs. For instance, area rugs often help to enhance the color of the flooring as well as the colors in the room they inhabit. They can easily be cleaned and washed without having to worry about ruining them. In addition, if something terrible happens to ruin area rugs, they can always just be thrown out. This is not as easily done with installed surfaces.

If you have a battered floor, this simple update could be just what you need to make it look nice again. Refresh your home décor and protect your existing surface by putting down some stylish area rugs, creating a better overall first impression for your home.

Un-level Flooring

Especially in older homes, flooring has a tendency of shifting depending on in the house it is located. Surfaces that are frequently walked on, like the kitchen or the foyer, can start to slide downward toward the basement, while some of the less-used rooms have a tendency to remain in place, creating a height difference. This not only can cause disorientation and other issues simply by walking from one room to the other, but also looks bad. Additionally, uneven floors could be the beginning sign of a bigger underlying problem. If your flooring is not level, you should consider calling a professional to make sure there are no structural problems with your home.

If the surface has no underlying structural problems other than wear, a simple fix would be to install floating floors in order to make everything level. These are easy to install and can be used in certain areas without having to redo the whole home. Just put the floating floor of your choosing on top of your existing flooring as needed so that all surfaces are even and give off a high-quality, professional first impression.

Uncomplimentary Colors and Styles

A Victorian era home probably isn’t going to look right with Spanish tile flooring throughout. While you should always try to reflect your personal tastes in your home, you should keep in mind the architecture and style of the rest of your home. Determine what kind of architecture style and décor trends already exist before selecting a dramatic floor change. Alternatively, decide if the existing surface compliments your home or if it needs replacing to improve your interior ambiance.

If you’re unsure of what type of flooring would look best in your home, look online at the similarly constructed homes for inspiration. Again, make sure whatever you choose will complement the existing structure, otherwise it may not only be displeasing to the eye, but also be difficult to install in the first place. The first impression that you get from other people’s homes can help you decide what will work best in your home.

Poor Functionality

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The right ground surface for your needs will directly contribute to the first impression your floors make on your guests. Not to mention, your flooring in your home puts up with a lot, so you should make sure your existing surface is meeting your needs.

Do you live in an area with frequent weather changes or in a place where it’s moderate almost all of the time? Are you and your family often moving furniture, putting heavy items on your floor, or using your home as a paint studio? Do you and your children or pets often play on the floor? You need to think about these things when determine what type of flooring is best for you. Maybe the answers will lead you to plan a new installation project, or maybe the answer will simply prompt you to retouch your existing flooring.

If you find your feet cold every morning, maybe it’s time to put in new carpeting. Do you need a surface that makes it easy to clean up spills, dirt, and hair? If so, maybe invest in linoleum or tile for quick clean up. Do you need a more durable choice that’s also trendy and aesthetically pleasing? Then hardwood may work better for you than carpet or parquet floors.

Your flooring can go a long way toward making your house into a home that you will be proud to show off to family and friends, and having the right flooring is the first step toward making a fantastic first impression.