Area Rug Designs for a Contemporary Space

An area rug can add a much needed finishing touch to a space. It should complement the furnishings and décor of the room beautifully, either by blending in to complete the overall look, or adding an exciting pop of color. In a contemporary space, color and texture come into the foreground, against clean lines and uncluttered space. An area rug is the perfect accessory to bring out accent color and interesting texture.

Boldly colored rugs: A splash of bold color on an area rug instantly brightens up a room decorated in a neutral color palette. Red and shades of blue from teal to aqua are popular colors featured in contemporary rugs. Matched with an accent color found in other areas of the room, the area rug can serve as a captivating focal point.

Earth toned rugs: Shades of brown, off-white, sage green, and other earth tones are usually the primary colors in a contemporary space. In rooms that are decorated with calmness and relaxation in mind, like a bedroom or bathroom, an earth toned rug enhances the soothing ambience by creating a gentle background for the space.

Abstract patterned rugs: In contrast to traditional detailed designs, rugs with abstract and geometric patterns tend to be more suitable for a contemporary space. The busyness of the rug pattern will often be determined by the detail in the surrounding upholstery, wall coverings, window treatments, and so on. A more complex pattern in a rug may complement a room with furnishings and fabrics that are solid-colored, or have simple patterns that do not clash.

Animal print rugs: Zebra and cheetah prints are examples of timeless patterns that can add interesting flavor to a contemporary space. The black and white or neutral colors easily work with almost any contemporary color palette, and the texture of faux animal skin pellets brings an inviting quality to the space.

Kids’ rugs: Contemporary designs for kids’ rugs range from stripes to animal-shaped rugs to rugs printed with a town scene that little tykes can roll their toy cars through. The bright colors and comfortable materials make the area rug an indispensible accessory for a child’s bedroom. It also provides warmth and a non-slip surface for cold hardwood floors.

Persian or Oriental rugs: These rugs have been around for centuries and are classically beautiful art pieces that bring richness and grace to a space. In a contemporary room, the intricate designs of Persian or Oriental rugs provide an interesting contrast to the rest of the space. Persian and Oriental rugs can work with contemporary design when the colors are carefully coordinated. Their durability over the years is another advantage.

Natural fiber rugs: Jute, sisal, hemp, and sea grass are some natural fibers that are used to make area rugs. These rugs complement contemporary designs that feature clean and green looks, in other words, simply designed furnishings made with naturally sustainable materials. They are best placed in rooms with a casual style or on a patio floor.

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