Argon vs Krypton Gas Windows: Which Is Cheaper?

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Krypton and argon are odor-free, clear, non-poisonous inert gaseous elements that are often utilized in place of air between two panes of glass to improve energy and insulation effectiveness and eliminate condensation.

Argon gas windows are more common and argon gas is definitely the more cost-effective, more easily obtainable gas.

Krypton, however, is definitely a much better insulator. Frequently, producers will make use of a combination of oxygen, krypton, or argon to reconcile price and functionality.


One of several distinctions that will be observed is that Argon gas fillers are widely used compared to Krypton gas fillers. Although high-priced, roughly five times more expensive than domestic nitrogen, Argon is the most favored selection when it comes to energy-efficient windows. The reason being Krypton costs a great deal more than Argon, normally one hundred times as much. Therefore in commercial terms, Argon-filled window glass panels are less expensive than Krypton gas-filled window panes.


One can furthermore observe that the availability of Krypton gas is less than Argon gas. Argon gas accounts for nearly 1 percent of the Earth's atmosphere and is regarded as the most plentiful among the list of inert gaseous elements. Krypton, in contrast, comprises about one fraction of a million within the atmosphere.


Krypton processing and packaging is more elaborate than it is for Argon production, adding to its high cost which makes Argon more affordable.

Glass Window Efficiency

While evaluating the advantages, you will find that Krypton gas-filled window panels are more effective than Argon-filled window panels. Krypton gas fillers are more energy-efficient and better than Argon gas fillers.