Arranging China In Your Glass Cupboard

A special set of china should be displayed in a glass cupboard to give it the showcase that it deserves. There are plenty of ways that you can design the placement of your china in the glass cupboard to show off all of the fabulous pieces that you have.

Plan the Design
With your glass cupboard comes a defined set of shelves and space. You don’t have to prop up every single plate or put all of the tea cups with their proper saucer together in the cabinet. It is possible to prop up one plate and stack the rest. Put a couple of tea cups with saucers in the cabinet and neatly stack the rest to save on space.

Keep the items that you will use most often on shelves that are within easy reach. The plates should be stored in a way so that you don’t have to move everything just to get at them. If you only plan to use the special china on special occasions, you want to be sure that you can easily retrieve your good china.

Use Mirrors
Mirrors are an attractive look in a glass cupboard that can give you the look of many more items than are really in the cupboard. When you only have a few special pieces in the cupboard and they are mainly used as a decorative item, the mirrors can make your cabinet look deeper and full of stunning china.  

Display the Best Pieces
Many people collect mismatched sets of teacups and plates that are used for an eclectic look at the dinner table on special occasions. In the glass cupboard, you should display your very favorite pieces. This is a fun hobby that you can display in your home in a fabulous way.  
Collecting unique pieces of china is a wonderful way to bring color and a dramatic look to your dining room.

Place the Glass Cupboard
The glass cupboard can be placed in your dining room or some people even put the cupboard in the family room if the dining room does not have the space available. This can add to the décor in your living room as well.

Decorative Touches
The glass cupboard does not have to be used for only china. You can add some decorative items such as figurines and even pictures that give your cupboard a unique look. Place these items throughout the various shelves in the cupboard to give each one a dramatic and tasteful look.

The glass cupboard that you use for your china storage can be much more than just a place to keep your china. You can make it a fabulous part of the décor in your home and store items in a way that display the lovely china patterns that you have collected. There are many things that can be placed in the glass cupboard that will give your room a fabulous look. Consider adding some lace or fabric on the shelves to add to the color in the cabinet.