Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Tips

Keeping your artificial Christmas tree ready for the next holiday season means that you'll want to keep moisture, dirt, dust and insects from damaging your tree. If you can, follow these tips for storing your artificial tree, in order to keep it ready and beautiful for future Christmas seasons to come:

Keep It Covered

The most important tip for storing your artificial Christmas tree is to keep it covered, no matter where you store it. The appropriate type of covering for your tree depends on where you store it. If you store it under a bed or in a closet--somewhere where the temperature will remain moderate and the exposure to bugs is minimal--you can store the tree in the box it came in, or a large canvas bag, which may have handles to make carrying the tree easier.

If you store the tree in the basement or attic, you should invest in a plastic storage bag specifically designed for artificial Christmas tree storage. The water-resistant material on these bags will keep the tree from becoming wet and will keep insects and odors out. You'll also be able to carry the tree by convenient handles.

Include Cedar Balls

Drop a few cedar balls in with the artificial Christmas tree, in the box or bag in which you store it. Not only will it hopefully keep insects, moisture and odors away, but your tree will smell more like a real tree.