Asphalt Roof Repair Guide

asphalt roof shingles with moss and a maple leaf
What You'll Need
Roofing nails
Roofing cement
Putty knives
Pry bar
Flat shovel

Asphalt roof repair isn’t too difficult and it’s something most people should learn. This is because an asphalt roof is the most common type of house roof so sooner or later, you may need to repair one. You can pay a professional to do the work but in most instances, you can carry out the asphalt roof repair yourself.


You should always carry out asphalt roof repair when the weather is warm. You need to do this because the asphalt can crack in cold weather which is the last thing you want when you’re working on it.

In the warmer weather, the asphalt will be more malleable and easier to work with so the asphalt roof repair will go faster and be more effective. Consider the fact that you only see new asphalt roofs being installed in the summer or fall, before the weather turns cold.


Have all the tools you need on hand before you begin. Have roofing nails, roofing cement, hammers, putty knives, a pry bar and a flat shovel available. The last two items can be very useful for removing damaged shingles. Always wear gloves when you’re working on asphalt tiles in order to save your hands from cuts, abrasions and dirt.

Make sure your ladders are in good condition and always site a ladder safely so you don’t fall when climbing up and down.

Curled Shingles

If the edge of a shingle has curled up but is otherwise fine, there’s no need to replace it. Simply glue it down with roofing cement then secure it in place with a nail. This will take care of the asphalt roof repair very simply.


When you use nails to attach new shingles, cover the nail head with roofing cement once it’s all the way in. This gives a watertight seal. Wherever possible, use the old nail holes from the previous shingles so you’re not putting more holes through the old tiles and into the plywood. If you can’t do this, cover the old nail holes with roofing cement to prevent moisture entering the roof through them.

Replacing Shingles

Where your asphalt roof repair includes replacing shingles, there’s a technique you should use to make it easier. Remove the lines of shingles above the one you want to replace. This will give you proper access to the damaged shingles and replacing the extra row adds more security to the roof.

Repair Or Replace?

If you need a lot of asphalt roof repair, the question can become one of whether you carry out the repairs or replace the roof entirely. Replacement can be tricky and you might want to talk to a professional before making the decision.

Certainly, if the repair consists of half or more of the roof, then a new roof is definitely in order. It will cost more, but if so much work needs doing, it can prove to be a worthwhile investment, since you 'll probably end up replacing all the shingles anyway.