Assembling Impressive Green Gift Baskets

 Putting together a green gift basket makes a wonderful present for eco-friendly friends and families. Gift baskets are a simple yet meaningful way to give a collection of small yet useful presents and when those presents are environmentally friendly, it becomes even more special. Here are some tips on how to put together an impressive green gift basket for earth-loving friends and family members.

Choosing Organic, Recycled or Natural Products

The first step in creating a green gift basket is to choose products that are either organic or natural or both. Organic products are those which have been produced or grown without any chemicals while natural products are generally those which are biodegradable or compostable. In other words, these products return to the earth once they reach the end of their life. Recycled items, on the other hand, are manufactured from items that had a different use or form earlier. For instance, sweaters made from PET bottles. These three types of items are green and eco-friendly, making them a natural choice for the gift basket.

Practical Green Gifts for Women 

Next, choose green gifts that are practical, useful and in keeping with the receiver’s tastes and preferences. For instance, if you’re putting together a green gift basket for a friend who’s just had a baby, you can choose natural baby products along with some eco-friendly items, such as hand creams or natural soaps, to pamper the new mother. Some practical green gifts that can easily be a part of a gift basket for women include organic clothing, handmade or natural toiletries, recycled paper stationery, and organic bed and bath linen. 

Great Eco-friendly Gifts for Men

While buying green gifts for men is not easy, it is certainly possible. If you’re creating a gift basket for an eco-friendly man, eco clothing such as tees and shirts made of organic cotton, bamboo or hemp is a great choice. Other additions to the gift basket can include items made from recycled products such as office bags made from recycled plastic, or an office lamp made of reclaimed wood. Gadgets that can help the environment, such as a solar-powered cell phone charger, are also a great gift for tech-savvy guys.

Green Gift Baskets for Kids

A green gift basket for children is a wonderful way to encourage kids to live an eco-friendly life while giving them toys and clothes that are safe for them to use. You can choose gifts such as wooden toys, organic cotton clothes, eco-friendly or biodegradable lunch boxes and backpacks as well as school stationery made of recycled paper or bamboo. The options are endless and these useful green gifts will inspire young minds to be more earth-friendly.

These green gifts can easily be bundled into a wicker or cane basket and adorned with a simple, organic cotton or silk bow. In the interest of being eco-friendly, avoid wasting wrapping paper or using plastic to cover the gift basket. Whether you’re creating a basket for a friend or a family member, choosing green gifts is bound to win you favor while saving the environment as well.