Attaching a Porch Roof to Your Home: 6 Tips

Attaching a porch roof is a task which does not require too much work. Having a porch roof provides additional protection to your porch against the elements. Let us highlight a few basic tips which will enable you to attach a porch roof to your home by yourself.

Tip 1 - Determine the Material

A fundamental aspect is to determine the material of the porch roof . You should try to go for style, as well as quality, while also complementing the house's roof.

Tip 2 - Determine the Pitch

Determine the most suitable pitch for the roof and position rafters accordingly.

Tip 3 - Rafters

You should place rafters in such a way that the porch roof will be adequately and securely framed. It is also suggested that you cover the rafters with plywood sheets. This will improve their durability and provide enhanced strength.

Tip 4 - Procedure

Always start off from the wall of the house, slowly proceeding outwards towards the edges.

Tip 5 - Pattern

If you wish to create a seamless pattern, compatible with your house's roof, you may need to remove some shingles.

Tip 6 - Permits

Make sure that you check out building codes and permits, prior to engaging in any building procedure, so as to avoid problems.