Attaching an Awning Frame

Awning frames can be free standing or obtain their support from another structure. Even a free standing awning can be attached to a building, if required.

Ready Fitted Positions

If an awning is being fitted to a position designed for it, the position should already have the necessary fittings in place. It might be wise to check the security of the fittings before attaching the awning frame.

New Positions

It is always best to use the correct fittings when attaching 2 items together. If the awning frame is being attached to a mobile home, for example, there will be a simple fitting to use. Attaching a window awning to the wall of a house can require a particular fitting--or you might have to create one.

Structural Integrity

Before attaching an awning frame to a building or a wall, check to make sure the building is strong enough to support the weight of the awning. Make sure the awning frame is not obstructing access to the building or any of the utilities.

Generally speaking, most people have few problems attaching awning frames. The frames tend to be light weight, even with the curtains attached but make sure the awning is fitted tightly enough to withstand strain caused by high winds.