Attaching an Upholstered Headboard to Your Bed Frame

What You'll Need
Upholstered headboard
Bed frame
Utility knife
Drill bit

Most beds that you purchase do not come with a headboard let alone an upholstered headboard. You can purchase an upholstered headboard for your bed if you so choose but you can also make your own. This is an incredibly easy project that will only take a few minutes.

Regardless if you buy an upholstered headboard or make one you still have to attach it to the bed. This process is not too difficult but varies depending on the bed you have and the headboard. An upholstered headboard that is made by you will have varying dimensions as you are adding to the existing headboard. This article that follows will share with you an easy guide on how you can attach an upholstered headboard to your bed frame. This is the case regardless if your bed frame is metal or wood.

Step 1 – Make Guide Holes

This is something that should be completed as you are upholstering the headboard but also should have already been done if you purchased one already upholstered. It is a good idea to check just the same because you may have to do it anyway depending on the bed frame you are using.

Remove the mattress and box spring from the frame and line the upholstered headboard up to where the headboard is to be placed. Use the utility knife to the fabric to make a slight incision where the screws holes are located on the frame. If there are no holes in the headboard use your drill to make your own pilot holes using the holes in the frame as a guide. Cutting away the fabric is important so the drill bit does not get caught on the fabric.

Step 2 – Line up the Upholstered Headboard

As you're drilling holes or cutting the fabric on the headboard it will move and you may need to do several adjusts. Center the upholstered headboard between the left and right side of the bed frame. Make sure the two holes on each end are lined up with the fabric holes or the pilot holes. The frame may have more than one set of holes on the frames that line up differently depending on the size of the frame.

Step 3 – Attach the Upholstered Headboard

With the headboard properly lined up insert one screw at each of the ends while placing a nut on each and tightening it by hand. You will be able to over tighten the nuts but you want to avoid doing so. If there are more than the holes on the ends then affix a screw and bolt in each of the holes that line up with the holes in the upholstered bed frame.

Perform the same method as you did with the two screws on the ends. The upholstered headboard still needs to be tightened to the frame. Use the wrench to tighten each bolt starting at the ends and working toward the center. Just do a quarter turn for each nut until they are all tight.