Attaching Pictures to a Wood Room Divider

Slatted room divider
  • 1-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-50

A wood room divider presents some great opportunities for hanging pictures, but there are also some challenges involved. Your goal should be to attach your favorite pictures to the divider in such a way that the divider is not damaged if and when the pictures are removed.

Photos without Frames

If your pictures have been developed and are ready to be attached, you can use a sticky adhesive to attach them directly to the divider. This kind of adhesive has the advantage of being easy to remove once it has been applied. It also lasts a long time, allowing you to arrange the picture display and enjoy your display.

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Picture Frames

Some people use picture frames to preserve the pictures and present them more formally. Attaching a picture frame to the divider is no different than attaching it to a wall. You can use finishing nails and a hammer to hang the frame but remember that if you move the panels you may change the arrangement design, and if you remove the nails you will see holes in the divider panel.

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