Attaching Pivot-Hinge Brackets to Cabinet Glass Doors

What You'll Need
Glass doors
Pivot hinges
Brad point drill bit

The pivot hinges are the best means of hinging cabinet glass doors. Glass door pivot hinges are simple to install, as they do not require any drilling into the glass. The hinges have metal pivots to rotate on. The pivots are fixed in bushes, which are attached to cabinets. The brackets hold the 1/4-inch thick glass with pressure screws that secure glass to hinge. The brackets are generally lined with soft flexible gaskets, and the friction clamping is applied to hold the glass. When the screw is tightened, the flexible gaskets swell to grip the glass over a larger surface area. The hinges may also include an actuating mechanism for a wide range of rotation without problem. These hinges are used to hold glass for a free swinging glass door. The following steps are to be taken for installing cabinet glass doors.

Step 1:  Mark the Center Position of Pivot Bushes

Locate the centers for pivot bushes in the cabinet. Mark the centers with a center drill.

Step 2: Drilling Bush Holes

Drill the holes in the cabinet for setting the pivot bushes. The bushes are in pairs for the upper and lower hinge. The hole should fit the outer diameter of bush and its depth should be slightly more than the height of bush.

Step 3: Installing the Bushes

Fix the bushes to the cabinet in the upper and lower holes as per the instructions given with the hinges.

Step 4: Measuring the Glass Size

Place the hinges in the pivot holes and measure the vertical distance between the glass setting face of the upper and lower hinge. Subtract 2 mm from that glass length. Check the glass width required in the cabinet. Provide about 2mm clearance for the glass. Cut the glass to size and get it grounded and polished on the edges. The hole for the knob or handle can be pre-drilled.

Step 5: Fixing the Glass

Remove the paper from the pressure plate of the hinge brackets. Put the lower hinge in the corner of the bushing. Hold the lower hinge and slide the glass corner into it. Keep the brackets at about 60 degrees to the door. Insert the upper hinge into the bush and slide the other corner of glass into its bracket.

Step 6: Adjusting the Glass Position

Adjust the lateral position of glass with one screw in each hinge. Close the door to check the side clearance of the glass from the cabinet.  Loosen the screws and set the clearance on all sides of the glass. Tighten the screws in the brackets to hold the glass.

Step 7: Final Check

Swing the door open and closed a few times, checking that the movement is free and clearances are perfect.  Install a handle or knob. Provide rubber lined stoppers to stop the glass from banging.

When you are installing pivot hinges,you should be careful not to damage the glass doors. Do not use excessive force and make sure that no weight is lying on the glass door.