Attaching Wall Framing to Concrete Flooring

Attaching your wall framing to the concrete floor is a necessary part of the process after building a brand new framed wall. While you can hire a pro contractor to do this, it is easy to do it on your own as well.


First you should clean the area where the wall framing will be installed by cleaning, sweeping, and vacuuming as necessary. Now you can apply a mark where you intend for the wall to be positioned. Once the marks have been made, you can apply a heavy-duty variety of construction adhesive to the soleplate of the framed wall, or directly to the concrete floor as desired.

Make sure that you are following the manufacturer's directions for adhering wood to concrete, and you should be using an adhesive that is especially indicated for this purpose. Some types of construction adhesive are only meant to be applied to one of the surfaces while others should be applied to both and then the surfaces are combined together after a specific amount of setup time has passed.

The wall should now be raised directly onto the marks that you make earlier, taking care to make sure that it is level as well as plumb. Once the wall is properly in its position, care should be taken to keep it there until the adhesive has fully sealed.