Considering an Attic Conversion? What You Should Know

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Attic conversions can significantly increase the value and functionality of a home by creating additional living space in the form of a new bedroom, office, or entertainment room.

Note: In many jurisdictions, it is a violation of the building code to turn attic space into living space. Check with your local planning department before beginning any such project.

Deciding to undertake an attic conversion should entail eight primary considerations:

  1. If the slope of your roof is not steep enough to provide enough flat ceiling space or adequate wall height in your converted attic, you will probably have to make structural modifications.
  2. A finished attic space needs to be accessible by a set of straight or corkscrew stairs leading to a standard-sized doorway.
  3. You will have to frame the walls and ceiling.
  4. You will have to hang drywall.
  5. You will have to install heating and air conditioning.
  6. You will have to install electrical outlets and phone jacks.
  7. You will have to install plumbing, if applicable.
  8. For natural light, you may need to add standard windows, dormers, or skylights, if not already present.

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