Werner's Easy Access Attic Ladder 8 - Install the Ladder

Folding attic access ladder in a garage.

With the frame done, it’s time to move on to the next step in installing your Werner’s ladder. In this part, you’ll learn step-by-step how to attach the ladder and the gas struts.

Step 1 - Tighten the Gas Struts

gas struts

Locate the gas strut posts at the hinged end of the ladder. Rotate the post upward so it slides into its designated slot, and then tighten the nut and bolt that holds the post in place (see Figure 26).

Step 2 - Hang the Ladder

hang ladder

Lift the attic ladder and hang the slots on the head plate over the hooks of the metal frame. Your ladder will be hanging straight down from the frame at this point. Do not remove the plastic tie that holds the ladder sections together (see Figure 27).

Step 3 - Drive Lag Screws

lag screws

Place a washer on lag screw and drive the screws through the two slots designated with a "2" until the head plate is tight against the joist (see Figure 28).

Step 4 - Attach Upper Links

upper links

Pull the ladder assembly toward you as shown and attach the two upper links over the standoff (see Figure 29). Once both links are in place, fasten a nut to each bracket.

Step 5 - Attach Gas Struts

Snap the gas struts over the designated ball joints on each side of the frame (see Figure 30).

Step 6 - Compress Struts

Use the wrench provided to compress the struts by turning the gear mechanism on each side of the frame. It is recommended that you only turn the gear one quarter of a revolution at a time. This is a safety precaution that will allow the gear rack to compress the struts via three "tabs." You will hear each tab click as the struts compress.

Note: The gear on the left will need to be turned counter-clockwise; the gear on the right will need to be turned clockwise.

Step 7 - Secure the Rack

secure rack

When the struts have been fully compressed and the gear rack has moved down all three tabs, drive lag screws through the bottom hole of the rack to secure it (see Figure 32).

Step 8 - Attach the Rope

Thread the small end of the rope cord through the pre-drilled hole in the ladder door and knot it. Don't worry if it's not long enough as you can adjust the length of the rope at any time.

Step 9 - Verify the Door Is Flush

Close the ladder to verify the frame is positioned properly. The door should be flush around the edges. If it is not, re-adjust the frame by loosening the lag bolts and repositioning as needed. Tighten the lag bolts again and close the ladder to verify the adjustments were effective.

Note: While repositioning the frame, if you removed lag bolts from the rack, drive them back through the hole directly above it.

Step 10 - Secure the Frame

Once the frame is properly located, finish securing it by putting lag bolts in the remaining holes (two in the head plate and three per side—see Figure 32). Finally, verify once more that the door closes properly.

To set the ladder's height, continue to part 9.