Werner's Easy Access Attic Ladder 1 - Preliminary Questions

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This is part 1 of series of articles on how to install the Easy Access Attic Ladder by Werner. The first step is actually to ask yourself some questions, and here they are.

Are You Capable of Installing This Attic Ladder?

To install this attic ladder, you should have sawing, squaring, and aligning skills similar to those required to install a window or a door frame. If you do not have these skills, you should hire a professional carpenter to install this unit.

Does This Attic Ladder Meet Your Needs?

This attic ladder is for residential use only. Installing this attic ladder in commercial buildings and apartments may violate building codes that require fire-rated ceilings and prohibit storing materials in the overhead space. Check with your local fire marshal or building department before installing the attic ladder.

The capacity of the attic ladder (person plus materials being carried) is 300 pounds for Models S2208 and S2210.

Is Your Ceiling and Joist Structure Suitable for this Installation?

This attic ladder can be installed in structures with conventional wood roof frames. If a ceiling is present, you must have an access hole in the ceiling that allows you to enter the overhead space for a pre-installation inspection.

Roof support structures that have braces connected to the ceiling joists or that use trusses (see Figure 2) cannot be cut without destroying the load-bearing capacity of that section of the roof. Do not cut joists that are part of a braced, conventional frame or truss without first consulting an architect or structural engineer.

The attic ladder should not be installed in a ceiling that is suspended or has any of the following:

  • components of heating/cooling systems embedded in the ceiling
  • joists made of materials other than wood
  • metal-reinforced plaster

If your ceiling contains any of the above, do not attempt to install the attic ladder. Contact a professional for assistance with your specific needs.

Do These Instructions Meet Your Needs?

These instructions describe how to install an attic ladder parallel or perpendicular to the ceiling joists. Contact a professional if you want to install an attic ladder in some other direction relative to the joists.

Ok, so you made it through all that and you still want to install the Easy Access Attic Ladder by Werner? Go to part 2 and learn how to make sure your ladder is fit for the job.