Attract Colorful Birds To Your Yard: 3 Ideas

To attract colorful birds to your yard, employ these 3 techniques.

Aim to Please

Choose seed types that are desirable to several types of colorful bids; for example, cardinals love sunflower seeds, blue jays love raw peanuts, finches love thistle and millet seeds, woodpeckers love suet cakes, and hummingbirds love nectar.  Place several different types of bird houses as well as feeders with numerous perches around your yard to appeal to dfferent birds. Keep feeders consistently full of seeds.

Offer Water

Providing a source of water makes a yard more attractive to all bird species; if possible, plan a small pond or place a birdbath near a garden. Moving water is even more appealing—a fountain is an excellent way to keep a high volume of beautiful birds in your yard.

Flower Power

Purchase and plant species which are known to appeal to certain birds: honeysuckle, sumac and cherry produce seasonal fruit which many birds love.  Planting brightly colored flowers in your yard also draws birds, especially hummingbirds. Butterfly bush and azaleas provide cover for birds of all shapes and sizes, as well as nectar-rich flowers. Perennials such as columbine, bee balm, and agastache specifically attract hummingbirds, while a wide variety of birds appreciate daisies and zinnias for their seeds.