Attracting Butterflies to Your Xeriscape Garden

A xeriscape garden makes the most efficient use of water. This concept began in dry areas with low water availability. Butterflies in a xeriscape garden will help with pollination as well as other conservation efforts. This article will share you with several tips on how to attract butterflies to your garden.

Attracted to Scent

A butterfly is equipped with an extremely strong and keen sense of smell. It is not uncommon for a butterfly to smell its favorite flower from several miles away and make its way to it. This trip can take hours to complete but, for the butterfly, it is well worth it in the end.

Even a small planter attached to a windowsill can attract several butterflies. Choose flowers that have very strong and fruity scents. Ask your local greenhouse for help identifying species that will grow best in your area.

Color and Attraction

Their is some debate regarding whether or not butterflies are attracted to colorful blossoms—or can even see color at all. Many gardeners, however, have noted a marked increase in butterfly population around flowers that are brighter in color. Include vibrantly hued flowers in your xeriscape garden to add a splash of color to your landscape, and maybe butterflies will follow.

Attracting Butterflies Most of the Season

It's possible to have butterflies in your xeriscape garden for most of the season. To keep them around, you must cater to the full life cycle of the butterfly. First, choose plants where the picky adult butterfly will lay its eggs. Include plants that it will feed off of in its caterpillar stage, as well as flowers that produce nectar for the adults butterfly.

Attracting Specific Butterflies

The milkweed plant attracts many butterflies, but only one seeks it out specifically for its life cycle: the monarch. The monarch butterfly will drink the nectar from the milkweed and the caterpillar will also use it as a food source.


In order to maintain the life cycle of the butterfly, do not use pesticides. While pesticide may keep predators away, they will deter butterflies and other helpful insects that will beautify and pollinate your garden.

Xeriscape Garden Specific

Keep in mind that not every plant works in a xeriscape garden. Plants like the blue bush and camel thorn make great xeriscape plants. Not every plant suitable for a xeriscape garden will attract butterflies. Consult a local garden center for advice. There are hundreds of plants that can be used in a xeriscape garden and nearly 200 plants that attract butterflies.