Auto Club Lock: Effective or Hype?

a steering wheel

Are you wondering if an auto Club lock is really effective as an anti-theft deterrent or whether it is just hype? This article will provide you with facts and information about this type of auto theft protection, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not such a device will meet your needs.

About the Club Lock System

The Club lock, or bar, although not a perfect car theft deterrent, is less expensive and a good preventative measure for protecting your vehicle if you are concerned about your car being stolen. There are more costly systems, but if you are looking for one that won’t break the bank, then, the Club would be a good choice.

The Club is a “bar lock” device. Its two reinforced steel bars wrap around your steering wheel and steering column. A professional thief would have the tools to quickly dismantle a Club lock, but this device will likely deter the less experienced thief from taking your vehicle. The only way to unlock the Club is with a key; a key that should be in your possession.

In truth, there is no theft device that will deter a professional thief, as this type of criminal has the tools, equipment and ability to steal just about any car in 60 seconds or less. Nonetheless, there are deterrents to having your car stolen by the less-than-professional car thief. The auto Club lock is one of those deterrents. But before you purchase this type of lock, there are things you can consider doing as an alternative anti-theft protections. They are as follows:

Choice of Vehicle

Your choice of vehicles can actually make a difference as to whether or not it is likely to become a target for a car thief. Most of us think that it is the expensive, flashy vehicles that are more likely to be the goal of a car thief. But in reality, the vehicles most often stolen are the well-liked sedans that are in the mid-sized range. These vehicles are less likely to be suspected of being stolen than a flashy sports car. Furthermore, parts for a more inexpensive car are easier for the thief to sell.

Parking Your Vehicle

Parking your vehicle in a well-lit area and one that is not isolated will reduce chances of it's being stolen. If possible, make an effort to park your vehicle where it is visible to you and to others. If you have a garage, use it to park your car in. A car that is out of sight and more difficult to get at, will be less likely to be stolen than one sitting in a driveway or an empty parking lot.

Leaving Keys in Your Car

In this day and age, no matter where you live, leaving your keys in your vehicle is an open invitation for a car thief to take your car. The wiser choice will be to avoid ever leaving your keys in your vehicle. Above all, they should never be left in your car while the car's motor is running.