Auto Muffler Repair Basics

A muffler repair is needed if there is a problem with your muffler in order to keep you car or motorcycle in good working condition. A muffler is a metallic device that is found in every car or motorcycle and is part of the exhaust pipe. In most countries, this device is a necessary as it helps to reduce noise as the automobile is moving.

Since this device is metallic in nature, it is prone to corrosion by the elements and rust. Replacement of a muffler can be very costly, but a repair is necessary to keeping corrosion from eating the muffler up. Muffler repairs may quite a few hours to do, but it is possible to do it on your own. Here are some basic guidelines for doing your own muffler repair.

Car Elevation

To start your muffler repair, use a car jack or other stable support and elevate the car to a height high enough to ensure that you can work comfortably under the car. Make sure that the jack or support used is sturdy and stable enough to hold up the car without fear of any accidents from the car falling.

Starting the Car

Start the car and with the help of a long screwdriver tip, hold it to the muffler right under the car. Place the head of the screwdriver to your ear as you move it around the muffler. With this movement, you will be able to hear any occurrence of rattles and get to know where they are coming from.

Drilling a Hole

Having determined the source of the rattling, using a strong, high-stainless still bit, drill into the muffler to create a hole at the exact spot where the rattling is coming from.

Inserting a Screw

In the hole drilled, insert a big drywall screw. This should get rid of the rattling sound. This screw insertion is a temporary solution until you can get the muffler fixed.

Using Plates

If there are any large holes or areas with rust found on the muffler, you will need to immediately work on them. Welding a small plate over them will surely take care of them. The plates will be prone to coming loose due to car movement, banging and vibration, so the use of clamps will help hold the plates in place. The clamps will help ensure that this part of your muffler repair stays put.

Using Sealers

For any small holes or dents seen while examining the muffler, application of a sealer is an immediate muffler repair solution. Sealers for mufflers can be found in most car kits, most especially exhaust repair kits. Remember, it must be muffler sealer only.

With these basics, you can repair your muffler at any time. You can now use your car or motorcycle for quite some time without having any problems with the authorities because of the noise until you can get a more permanent muffler repair done.