Automatic Garage Door Repair Guide

women working on a garage door opener

Anyone can grasp the basics of automatic garage door repair, following these easy steps:

Step 1 - Check the Obvious

If your system has sensors that detect obstacles, check that you haven’t left a toy or tool in the way. It would be embarrassing to call a repair man to tell you that your misplaced hammer was the problem!

Step 2 - Check the Back-up Battery

Before getting down to the messy part of automatic garage door repair, have you switched the system to back-up after a power cut and forgotten to switch it back? Sometimes the back-up battery may need replacing. Also, check that you haven’t switched the system to manual override by mistake. While you're at it, make sure you have fresh batteries in the remote if you are using one.

Step 3 - Give the Mechanism a Spring Clean

If the opening mechanism is clogged with dirt and grime, clean it with a household cleaner. Check the track (which the door panels travel along) for dents, and hammer out if possible, and examine the springs to check that they are still working.

Step 4 - Hit Reset

You might have to look up the manual online or drudge it out from the file cabinet. Locate the reset button on the garage door opener. The light indicator typically gives you clues as to whether it is working correctly. Try the reset button to see if it fixes your problem.

Step 5 - Call the Professionals

If you have followed the steps above and cannot see any loose wires in the electrical unit itself, it’s time to call for help, as the units are sophisticated pieces of equipment that need professional attention.