Average Cost of a Commercial Gas Weed Eater

Choosing a gas weed eater can take a little time. Here are a few things you want to consider in terms of cost to make sure that you get what you are looking for.

Electric Verses Gas

The fact is that gas weed eaters tend to be more expensive than electric. While electric range from about $40 to $100, gas are a little higher ranging from $80 to $200. The reason gas is more expensive though is because they cut more and can also carry more string. There are many highlights. The main highlight though of a gas weed eater is that you do not have to attach it to a power source so you are free to roam.


Brands will vary, which also causes the price to vary. While you may have to pay closer to the $200 mark for a name brand, there are many gas weed eaters that do the same job with an off-brand name that run more about $80 to $100.

Additional Costs

While you have to worry about the price of the eater itself, you also want to keep in mind the amount you want to pay in the long run which includes gas. Buying a less expensive weed eater may help off-set those gas costs.

This may seem like a big investment money-wise however the product that you are getting will last you for decades typically.