Awning Window

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An awning window is a wonderful way to let in a breeze while it is raining, but many times these windows will become damaged over time. The crank, hinges, and levers are what usually need repairing, and all of them can be installed without much trouble.

Broken Windows

If your awning window is broken, check to see what parts are malfunctioning. If the crank is broken it will either be stuck or stripped, but if the levers or hinges are damaged, they will usually be difficult to move or falling apart.

Find replacements for the pieces. Most parts of an awning window can be taken apart using a screwdriver. Install the pieces according to the packaging instructions and check the window to make sure it has been fixed. Sometimes all of the mechanisms will need to be replaced.

Protecting Your Awning Window

There are many ways to help your awning window last for several more years. Every time you close your awning window, for example, wipe off the panels and mechanics so they don't have to resist water damage. It also helps to only leave an awning window open for a few hours at a time so it doesn't have to withstand outdoor elements very long.