Awning Window Replacement Tips

When you’re undertaking an awning window replacement, you need to be aware of a few things before you begin. These will make the process go quicker and ensure you don’t miss any of the important steps.

Measure Properly

Measure your old window properly before shopping for an awning window replacement. You can’t afford to guess or approximate on this. Measure both the window itself and the frame to ensure you buy something with a good fit.

Check how far your awning window extends, and compare to the new window and make sure there are no obstructions to stop it extending fully.


Remove all the debris—like nail heads and pieces of wood—from around the window. Put up flashing before you install the new awning window replacement, overlapping pieces and using silicone caulk on the reverse side when you finish. This will enable you to stick it to the frame on the house.


After the window is mostly level and you’ve run silicone caulk around the edges as a sealant, use wood shims to make the awning window replacement completely level in the opening. Put the window in place by nailing down the mounting fin before you add the trim to the window.