Backerboard Shower Must Haves

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When you install a tile shower, you will first need to add a backer board. Doing so will ensure that you have the proper support and moisture protection for the tile. Have the right tools and materials on hand. Here are a few must-have items that are necessary for backer board shower installation.

Green Board

Before installing the backer board, ensure that there is a greenboard installed. It is a drywall product that has a moisture barrier built into it. Since you will be installing it in an area that will continually be wet, ensure that it has the proper moisture barrier capabilities. While the backer board will block a fair amount of water, you must still make sure that the green board is in place so that it can keep the water out of the studs.

Utility Knife

Another essential item to have when you are installing a backerboard in a shower is a utility knife. You can use a sharp utility knife to cut the backer board, which is typically the easiest and cleanest way to cut the board.

Mark the area on your backer board where you want to make the cut. Once you have the line marked, put a straight edge on the line. Use your utility knife to score the board. It will take a few moments to cut the board with your knife. Once you have the line formed, you should be able to apply pressure to the backer board and break it along the line.

Thinset Mortar

Thinset mortar is another important component when you are installing a tile shower. Use thinset to adhere the backer board to the green board. Doing so increases the support and makes it easier to adhere the backer board to the green board.

Nail Gun

Using a nail gun and nails can be a quick way to install the backer board on the wall. When you are using a nail gun, you will not have to worry about a hammer and holding the nails in place. Instead, you can simply hold the backer board up and shoot nails through the boards.

When you nail the backer board up to the wall, ensure that you are nailing into the studs. The nails must penetrate the backer board, the green board, and the studs.