Backwashing an Above-Ground Pool Pump

An above ground pool pump filters your pool water through a medium, usually silica sand, in order to remove organic materials from the pool. One important step in proper pool maintenance is to routinely backwash your above ground pool filter pump.

What is Backwashing?

Your pool pump has several settings on it. The usual setting is filter. When you backwash the filter, turn the pump off, set the pump to backwash and turn the pump back on. Backwashing reverses the flow of water within the above ground pool filter pump and removes organic materials that collect in the filter by sending them to waste, rather than back into the pool.

When Do You Backwash?

Backwashing needs to be done routinely. A good rule of thumb is to backwash once a week. If you typically do pool maintenance on a particular day, then add backwashing the above ground pool pump to your weekly maintenance. Or, backwash the filter when the gauge on your pump reaches 8 to 10 ppi.

Backwashing your above ground pool filter pump removes organic materials that build up in your filter. Perform backwashing with other routine pool maintenance.