How to Balance Asymmetric Windows in a Room

An unbalanced room is typically difficult to spend time in. It creates an awkward feel and it is challenging to feel comfortable in such a space. Asymmetric windows pose much the same problem. They create a disjointed visual field that makes the occupant feel slightly uncomfortable. However, by learning how to balance asymmetric windows in a room, a decorator can create an entirely different look and feel for the space.

Faux Windows

If the original builder only saw the need for one window at the end of a very long wall, it may be best to balance that window out. The easiest way to do that is by creating a faux window in the same dimensions as the existing window. The same style of trim can be used to heighten the illusion, then hang a matching curtain rod and curtains. This creates a balancing effect and makes the room more comfortable.

When working with faux windows there are some tricks that will make them appear more realistic. Make sure that the curtains on the real window are the same as those hung over the faux window. The same is true for the curtain hardware. Curtain rods and finials must match or the room will be even more unbalanced than before. Another trick that decorators use is to install a small florescent light bar inside the top of the faux window curtain. When turned on, the light gives the appearance of sunlight which creates symmetry with the real window. Faux windows are an excellent way to balance out an uneven number of windows or improve the feel of a room that has poor window placement.


Curtains are key to balancing asymmetric windows in a room. If one window is slightly shorter or longer than another, but the curtains are the same long length, it makes it difficult for the eye to distinguish the asymmetry of the windows. The continuity of the fabric, both in length and style, create an illusion that makes is appear as though the windows are the same proportions. Adding a sheer curtain behind the heavier curtain is also a quick fix for masking the difference in window size.


Tall, silk potted plants can be a decorators best friend when creating balance in a room with asymmetric windows. Again, the trick is to draw the eye away from the asymmetry of the windows and onto other objects in the room. In this case, a tall potted plant placed next to and slightly in front of a window will mask any variations in size and placement.

Other objects that help mask the asymmetries include framed artwork and mirrors. They can be hung on the wall either between the windows to draw the eye up or on opposite sides of the windows to draw the eye away from the windows themselves. Experiment with placement to create the most pleasing visual effect for the individual room.

Creating balance in a room with asymmetric windows takes creative thinking and a willingness to experiment with different methods and techniques. Try a few different ideas until the room achieves the look desired. Be bold and enjoy trying new ways of balancing a room with asymmetric windows.