Bamboo Fencing Maintenance

bamboo fencing
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-150

Bamboo fencing is an attractive, sustainable, and effective method of improving your privacy.

Though it has extraordinary strength and durability, bamboo fencing must be taken care of and maintained properly.

Not doing so will attract problems such as rot, fading, loss of finish, and pests. Below are some of the important points to remember about bamboo fencing maintenance.

1. Properly Install and Seal

a bamboo fence

A high-quality bamboo fence begins with proper installation. Your method of maintenance will also differ depending on whether you have a harvested bamboo fence or a live bamboo fence.

If you have a harvested bamboo fence, you must ensure it is a safe distance away from the ground. Apply a good quality sealer or varnish with a high degree of resistance to moisture and ultraviolet rays.

Direct contact with the ground leads to rotting and damage to the fence. If you plant a live bamboo fence, provide it with some fertilizer and water it regularly, especially in hot weather.

Also make sure you select a species that is compatible with your weather conditions.

2. Inspection Regularly

Like wood, bamboo is susceptible to damage from moisture and environmental elements. Excessive humidity and moisture can cause the bamboo to swell and warp.

It can lose its strength over time. To prevent such a problem, regularly inspect your bamboo fencing for any signs of water damage.

Reapply coatings of waterproof sealant at least a couple of times every year. Make sure the bamboo fencing is free of dirt and grime before you apply the sealant.

With constant exposure to sunlight, bamboo fencing can fade prematurely and also show signs of peeling and cracking.

You can avoid such issues by ensuring your sealant has a good degree of sun protection and ultraviolet resistance.

Insects and pests can also be a problem with bamboo fencing. Termite infestation must be prevented with the use of pesticides if necessary.

Termites can be a huge problem if they infest the bamboo fencing. They can soon find a way into your home, which is why such infestations must be dealt with as soon as they appear.

Look for signs of mold or fungal infections on the bamboo and treat them immediately with an appropriate fungicide.

3. Control Live Bamboo Fencing

live bamboo fence

With live bamboo fencing, you will have to put in some effort to contain it within your property. This is especially true if you have a running variety of bamboo fencing.

Bamboo propagates quickly by spreading out rhizomes. Because of this, it is advisable to install a rhizome barrier at the time of planting. You can most probably purchase one from the same place you buy bamboo plants.

If you have a clumping variety of bamboo fence and you do install a rhizome barrier, you must keep the propagation under control by regular pruning and pulling out new shoots.

Cut off any branches or shoots that hang out. This will give the fence a smooth appearance and also prevent injuries to passersby.

Maintain the appearance of your bamboo fencing with regular sanding and sealing. After sealing a bamboo fence, ensure it has enough time to dry.