Bamboo Roman Shades Add an Earthy Touch to Your Decor

Bamboo Roman shades filter sun rays to decrease sunlight and keep indoor furniture from fading. Sunlight still enters the window, but not at full-strength. Blinds made from bamboo make an excellent addition to tropical, Asian and earthy décor themes. For these reasons and more, decorate for an earthy touch with bamboo Roman shades.

Variety in Matching Colors

Bamboo Roman shades come in many different colors; reds, yellows, creams and many shades of brown can be used as an effective accent in any room. As a general rule, contrast lighter colored shades with darker colored walls, trim or flooring. If the walls in a room are painted a dark green, blue or brown, then choose bamboo that is on the lighter side. Red bamboo blinds go well with many different types of wood, and they blend in well with oriental décor themes. For white walls, any color of bamboo blinds is fine; instead, choose the color of your bamboo Roman shades to complement the floor, trim, or dominate furniture colors.

Consider some of the following color palettes with the first color being the color of the bamboo shades:

  • Dark brown, sky blue and cream (splashes of orange)
  • Dark brown, mauve and cream (splashes of green)
  • Yellow, dark blue and white (splashes of yellow in the décor)
  • Tan, dark green and white (splashes of red)
  • Red, brown and white (splashes of green)
  • White, grey and teal (splashes orange)
  • Red, black and white (splashes of yellow and gold)

When aiming to reflect an earthy touch to your decor, look for inspiration in nature. Pay attention to the shades of colors in the sunset, on tropical fish, or on a flower.

Add Color with Valances

Although you can surround your bamboo Roman shade with curtains or drapes, many purposes of roman shades are defeated by doing this. If you want to add some color and texture around your bamboo shades, decorate using a small valance instead of something that will block much of the Roman shade.

Simple Maintenance

Unlike curtains, bamboo Roman shades don’t have to be removed to be washed. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dust and grime. Plastic blinds can become brittle and warped; bamboo is a long-lasting durable wood that doesn’t require much care and will last for a long time.

Earth Friendly

Not only does bamboo look earthy, it’s good for the earth as well. The bamboo plant doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizers to grow strong and healthy, and it releases more oxygen into the air than cotton and many other plants. Bamboo is a renewable resource since it doesn’t need to be replanted when cared for responsibly.

Decorating with bamboo roman shades honors the earth and reflects the beauty found in it.