Bamboo Rug Ideas for the Modern Look

Bamboo rugs
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Using a bamboo rug in your home is an environmentally friendly way to add warmth and beauty to your home without spending a great deal of money.

Bamboo rugs are gaining in popularity as more homeowners become committed to using sustainable materials in their homes.


Bamboo rugs have long been used in Asian countries as a method of keeping a wood floor warm and comfortable underfoot and as a way to make the ground more comfortable.

Bamboo is one of the strongest fibers in the world and has been used for thousands of years to make rugs, housing, clothing and more.

Bamboo rugs last for years, even in high traffic areas of the home and only become softer with age.

This type of rug is also wonderful to use in the kitchen because it is a fiber that is naturally fire resistant.

These rugs are also great because they are easy to keep clean, making them an excellent choice for hallways, kitchens and family rooms.


bamboo rug

Natural fiber rugs are not only strong, but they are beautiful and can be used in many different decorating applications.

For example, you can put a bamboo rug in the living room and another outside on the patio or in an outdoor entertainment area.

You can also use bamboo rugs as a way to tie natural hardwood flooring in with the rest of the home to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Hard tile floors can be cold and uninviting, but add a bamboo floor and suddenly you have not only warmed the room up in tone, but you have also created a comfortable floor to stand and walk across.


Used for generations in homes throughout Asia, bamboo rugs now are readily and easily available in the U.S. in a wide variety of styles and colors.

You can find rugs now in natural colors, bound by brightly colored cotton edging or even in shag carpets. Bamboo rugs are also available in colors like purple, red, and green.

You can also find these versatile rugs in almost any shape, from large area rugs to define a small room to hallway runners.

Since they are sturdy and long lasting, many homeowners find they can rotate their bamboo rugs throughout their entire home and continue to create new looks and decorating combinations.

Sustainable Materials


Today's homeowners are looking for decorative items that are constructed from natural, sustainable materials. Bamboo meets the criteria fully.

Bamboo forests range geographically across the span of Asia. Bamboo is a grass so it grows very quickly and is endlessly renewable.

Bamboo can be found today in home items ranging from flooring to furniture to cutting boards. Best of all, bamboo forests are not in danger of becoming depleted.