Barge Rafter

A barge rafter is on the outside roof rafter, usually on the overhang of a gable. This ends up being the fascia board for the gable. A barge rafter may be molded or flat. The barge rafter has a finished piece attached that is called the barge fascia.

Width and Length

The width of the building as well as the overhang is used to determine the length of the rafter. There can be many types of rafters in a roof depending on the type of roof system. The building may consist of common rafters, hip rafters, valley rafters, jack rafters and barge rafters. Once the barge rafter layout is complete and the rafters cut, the rafters are ready to be installed.

Weathering and Barge Rafters

After some time your barge rafter might need to be replaced. If you come upon this problem, it can end up being very expensive to replace, especially if it concerns the entire exterior.