Baseboard Heater vs Electric Fireplace

Heating your home comes with many options. Baseboard heaters and electric fireplaces are two inexpensive ways that you can bring warmth to your home. Similarly, baseboard heaters and electric fireplaces provide heat room by room and are used as an alternative to central heating units.

Baseboard heaters come in electric models and electric hydronic models. A hydronic baseboard heater uses liquid to keep heating even though the thermostat turns off. Baseboard heaters are placed at the base off the wall and generally are hidden from sight.

The compact design of the baseboard heater is ideal for a small space. They can also come in different lengths from 2’ to 6’ long and in portable units with longer cords. Operating in a convection fashion, hydronic baseboard heaters often heat faster than traditional space heaters without drying the air.

Electric fireplaces can be used decoratively. In the beginning, some consumers did not like the unrealistic look of electric fireplaces, but recently, the aesthetics have made them more like the real thing. Complete with mantels or in old fashioned cast iron stove models, electric fireplaces have made their mark on the decorative aspects of heating your home.

Options include electric fireplaces made with wood in various finishes or painted to match your décor. With so many models to choose from, electric fireplaces also come with options such as MP3 speakers, air purifiers, and entertainment units in one.

Both baseboard heaters and electric fireplaces are easy to install and to use. Baseboard heaters include a thermostat that will help you maintain some of your energy costs. Electric fireplaces often times come with remote control features. They are also easy to maintain. Similarly, baseboard heaters and electric fireplaces are a safer alternative to wood burning fireplaces and gas fueled heaters that can cause fires and release dangerous carbon monoxide. If you have pets or children, baseboard heaters and electric fireplaces are a safe substitute.

For a small home, there are many advantages to using either of these; however, you would have to be smart about using them. Low in cost, usually under $100, baseboard heaters are a less expensive alternative as opposed to electric fireplaces that run anywhere from $200-1000.

However, though inexpensive to purchase, baseboard heaters and electrical fireplaces do require a large electrical output increasing your energy costs. Both are similar to a space heater since you would have to have one in each room you plan to heat.

If your home is not well insulated then using either option is probably going to be inefficient unless used sporadically. For a larger home, electric fireplaces and baseboard heaters would probably not be an economical choice. With either baseboard heaters or electric fireplaces, like space heaters, you would have to purchase a unit for every room you wish to heat.

When deciding how to heat your home, baseboard heaters and electric fireplaces are viable options. However, if used in conjunction with a central heating system or with each other, either can possibly save on your energy bill.