Basement Bar Ideas: 3 Popular Themes

  • Beginner

Consider different basement bar ideas to transform your ordinary bar into one that will be a popular gathering place with your friends.

Sports Bar Theme

One of the most popular basement bar concepts is to design a sports-themed bar around your favorite team. Use a paint scheme that matches your favorite team’s colors such, as black and gold for Steelers fans or green and white for Jets fans. Add some sports memorabilia and you will have transformed your basement into the neighborhood hangout.

Beach Bar Theme

Another popular choice for an easy basement bar design is a beach bar theme. Colors such as light tans and blues work best with this type of theme. Enhance the design by adding potted seagrass plants and wicker ceiling fans.

Country Bar Theme

A country bar theme is yet an idea that homeowners can choose for their design. Incorporating cowboy accessories such as hats and lassos to hang on the walls is one way to stay true to this theme. You can also decorate the bar itself with old-fashioned brass railings and wooden stools.