The Benefits and Specifications of Basement Egress Windows

A red, leather chair and a yellow lamp sitting in front of a basement egress window.

You can bring light, air, and a view to your basement with egress windows, but the most important aspect of basement egress windows is the safety they provide. They are big enough to both let you out or allow rescue personnel to enter during an emergency. This article walks you through this critical home improvement, with tips on which windows to choose and how to install them.

Basement egress windows are not a necessity for every basement. You must install them if you have a bedroom or office in your basement. The following are the ideal type and specifications of your basement egress windows. Casement windows are the best type of windows to be use for basement egress. They open wide by swinging out and allow plenty of space through which to crawl.

The well onto which your window should open must be 36-inches wide and 36-inches long. The windows themselves must be 20-inches wide and 24-inches high. The farthest the windowsill should be from the floor is 44-inches.
Note that building code regulations will vary depending on where you live. Always check with your local office before starting an installation. Other than that, you've got what you need to enhance your basement and increase your security with new basement egress well windows.