Basement Framing: 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Basement framing is not always an easy project, but it is often a necessity if you plan to finish the basement. The article below will explain some common mistakes to avoid.

Basement Pipes

Be aware of the pipes which are located in the basement and account for them when framing the basement. You essentially have to frame around the pipes by boxing. When you box the pipes, you also need to make sure that you do not seal them behind the new wall. It is unsightly, but if the pipe bursts, you may never know until it is too late.


The base plate of the basement framing is crafted from wood, but you should not use wood screws. Instead, use concrete anchors. They not only go penetrate the wood, but also the concrete, gripping the concrete for stability.

Vertical Framing

Many people new to this task will try to frame vertically. You need to build the basement framing splayed-out on the floor. After it is built, you hoist it into place.


Many people neglect to use horizontal braces between the stud. You must place 2 horizontal braces evenly between each stud, staggering each set.