How to Convert Your Basement Into a Bedroom

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  • 120-168 hours
  • Advanced
  • 1,000-2,000
What You'll Need
Drop ceiling (optional)

If you are doing basement remodeling, consider converting your basement area into a bedroom. This project can be very involved, but it can also provide you with lots of extra useful living space. Follow the simple steps to convert your basement into a bedroom.

Step 1 - Build the Walls

In order to convert this space into a bedroom, start by framing the walls. Use 2x4-inch boards to create the frame. You can attach the lumber by nailing it with a hammer and nails or by using a nail gun. Once you have the basic frame assembled, attach drywall. You will most likely need some help for this part of the process.

Step 2 - Paint the Walls

After you hang the drywall, you can paint the walls. Apply 2 coats of paint or a coat of primer and a coat of paint. Use a paintbrush or a roller to apply the paint.

Step 3 - Install the Ceiling

If your basement is unfinished, there is a good chance that you do not have an actual ceiling above the space. If that is the case, you may see exposed plumbing and wiring. To cover it, install a drop ceiling as well as a track o hold the ceiling tiles. Then drop the individual ceiling tiles into place and create your bedroom ceiling.

Step 4 - Lighting

You will need to install some type of lighting in the bedroom as well. Consider an overhead light, track lighting, or recessed lighting. Wire the lighting into place, and attach it to the ceiling.

Step 5 - Flooring

After you have the ceiling and walls in place, you can install flooring. There are several options that you could use for a basement bedroom. Tile and vinyl are popular because of the likelihood that water will get on the floor at some point. You could also install laminate, carpet, or carpet squares, which are easy to install and can easily be replaced if one of them is damaged. Choose the type of flooring that you want, and install it in the room.

Step 6 - Furnish

Now that you have the entire room built, you need furnish the room. Once you have the furniture selected for the space, you can move it into the room. At this point, you should be ready to move into your basement bedroom and start taking advantage of the extra living space that you have created.