How to Remodel a Basement in 7 Days

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What You'll Need
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Complete basement remodeling in 7 days with is easy with this guide. Whether you are creating a game room, entertainment room, or home office, there are some basic steps that you can follow when finishing your basement that will get the job completed quickly and efficiently.

Before beginning any remodeling project, it is strongly recommended that you contact your municipality office for up-to-date building codes. Codes vary widely throughout the country, and what may have been true a few years ago may have changed since then. In most places, you can access your city and state building code information online.

Day 1 - Defining the Basement’s Purpose

Determining the purpose of the room you will be renovating. By completing all the planning beforehand, you will move the project along quickly. Determine what kind of lighting you need, how many outlets are necessary, whether or not you need phone and internet connections, and any additional wiring that will be necessary.

You may need to hire an electrician if you are planning to add more complicated wiring for a home theater of office. If you are adding something simpler such as a family room, you may not need to hire someone.

Days 2 & 4 - Troubleshooting and Planning

Evaluate factors in the room that may require additional work before completing your room. Examine moisture issues, HVAC, insulation, drainage, framing, and mold. Handling these problems before your new space is completed will save a lot of work in the future. It will also ensure the longevity of your new room.

For habitable rooms, generally ceilings must be 7.5-feet high. Bathroom and hall ceilings must be 7-feet. If your basement does not fall within this range, it is often more cost effective to dig the basement deeper than undertake new construction. Contact a licensed contract to discuss your options.

Day 5 - Finishing Kit

Select a basement finishing kit and have it installed by the company from which you purchased it. Look for a kit that includes a complete warranty and removable panels so that you can have access your foundation.

Days 6 & 7 - Carpet and Paint

Once you have the walls in place for your new room, it is time to carpet and paint the area in complimentary colors. Choose eco-friendly paints if you have pets or children. Choose high texture paint for a richer color. Select a thick carpet and pad to prevent the cold cement floor from affecting your comfort.