5 Basement Remodel Options

A finished basement.

Having a basement room can expand the living space in your home and increase its value tremendously. Homeowners across the country are revamping these lower levels to create usable space that is functional and stylish. Basements can be used for everything from offices to guest rooms to den spaces where kids can hang out. Renovating an unfinished basement is a great project that will pay off over the years.

1. Game Rooms

One way to update a basic basement is by turning it into a game room with pinball machines, video games, and even an air hockey or a pool table. An unfinished basement that was once used only for storage can also be turned into a media room with large screen TV, comfortable furniture, and computers and desks for surfing the Internet.

2. Entertainment Room

By updating flooring and adding a Pullman kitchen with a small refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and prep area, your basement can serve as the perfect entertainment area for dinner parties. If your basement has access to a backyard with a swimming pool, it can also serve as a changing room where guests and family alike can put on swimsuits and take showers.

3. Sauna/Darkroom/Hobby Room

A number of homeowners across the country have remodeled their basements to include a sauna, darkroom, or hobby area. Contractors can divide a large open basement space into one that has several smaller rooms to accommodate a darkroom or sauna. Do-it-yourselfers with basic carpentry skills can often take on a project like this themselves.

4. Spare Bedroom

Basements can also serve as spare bedrooms for older children who may want some privacy or for the occasional family member who stays overnight. Add comfortable furniture, paintings, wall art, and other accessories to make the basic basement feel more like an actual bedroom. A fresh coat of paint or mini-blinds on windows and door walls can make it feel homier.

5. Two Rooms in One

A basement can serve dual functions such as a spare bedroom and media room or play area for kids. Basic room dividers like Japanese or wood screens purchased at home stores easily make two rooms out of one. Another way to divide rooms is by using furniture like large sofa sectionals to separate functional areas.

Installing a Bathroom

Whether you use the basement as a spare bedroom, entertainment area, or media room for the entire family, installing a half or full bathroom increases the functionality of the space. It also adds value when you are ready to sell your home. Most people hire contractors for a basement remodel. If you decide to do it yourself, be sure you understand the plumbing, electrical, and venting needs before you begin the project.