Basement Window Wells: Block vs Metal vs Timber

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Basement window wells are a needed after you've installed your egress window. They bring many benefits to your home, and there are many options from which to choose. Explore the information below on building window wells with block, metal, or timber. Read the facts about each before you make your decision on what to use for your project.


Block is the strongest material to use for your project. It is also very durable. lasting a very long time with very little wear and tear. There is a wide variety of block from which to choose. It comes in many different colors, textures, and sizes. You can purchase these blocks to match any theme in your yard.

Although block is strong and durable, the upfront costs are quite high. Depending on what your budget looks like, you may want to check the price on block before you make a decision.


Metal is the most popular choice when it comes to window wells. If you were to drive around your neighborhood sneaking peeks at your neighbors' window wells, you would probably find that most are made of metal.

Metal is long-lasting and durable because it withstands weather. It deflects rain, which makes it last longer and also creates less leakage.

No matter the temperature, weather, or situation, metal will always hold it's shape. There are scenic liners available to create a masterpiece that attaches to your metal window well without looking tacky.

Metal is also very cost effective. It lasts a long time, withstands weather, and holds up even in the hottest temperatures. Metal is cost effective at the time it is installed as well as in the future.


Last but not least is the option of timbers. Using timbers gives you an array of different design choices. You create a triangle step with timbers, or simply place it in a square. The possibilities are numerous with timbers.

There are different types of wood to choose from when you use timbers. Cedar and brown treated woods are the most popular. Depending on your house trim and exterior decor, you can match your timbers to blend.

Timbers are a popular choice because they look nice with any design. Neighbors will love your timber window well almost as much as you do.

Choosing which material is best for you is really a personal decision. Run through the above information in your mind when choosing which one is right for you, and you will end up creating a beautiful window well.