Basic Aluminum Roof Installation and Maintenance Tips

An aluminum roof is useful and attractive. Many homeowners are opting for aluminum roofs for their homes. Aluminum roofs are sturdy and long lasting. They are safe for the environment as they made from recycled materials. Aluminum roofs are best for people staying in cold and snowy areas. Aluminum roofs are ideal for noise reduction and extra protection. If you plan to install aluminum roofing, here are a few tips.

Aluminum is an energy efficient sustainable material that offers superb advantages over asphalt shingle for residential roofing. It is best for fire safety and is also water proof.

  • Before installing an aluminum roof, it is necessary to explore the different materials you will need for the installation. You would need nails, hand tools, aluminum shingles, flashing and counter flashing.

  • You can use shingles or panels for the aluminum roof. Select aluminum roof panels rather than shingles if you want a wide range of samples and contours.

  • If you want to install aluminum shingles, purchase user-friendly shingles as they are less expensive and easy to install. Use four sided locks for better protection of your aluminum roof.

  • It is advisable to purchase aluminum roofing panels or aluminum shingles from the manufacturer itself for installation.

  • You can start installing the aluminum roof by removing the existing old roof and replacing it by the aluminum roof panels or shingles. Confirm with the manufacturer if this can work out for your home. In most cases it does.

  • Start attaching the starter flashing to avert leakage problems. Stick strips of securing flashing to the roof by nailing them into the sections of the roof and into the fascia trimboard. Apply the counter flashing as and when needed.

  • Install aluminum roof with hidden gutter channels as this will help in efficient drainage of water in the rainy season and also make it look attractive.


Aluminum roofs are less noisy as they are placed on plywood sheets and tarpaper that cuts down the noise. Aluminum roofs can last up to 50 years and more.

  • Although these roofs are hard and durable, they need effective maintenance for a longer lifespan. You definitely don’t want them to rust or have holes.

  •  In order to maintain aluminum roofs, see to it that you touch up the paint of the roofs regularly to avoid rust.

  • If there are any holes or open seams in the roof, repair them as soon as possible. Try and cover the smaller holes with roofing cement. Nail an aluminum patch for covering larger holes.

  • When using screws, ensure that they are made of aluminum. Use screws with washers and install them in raised areas.

  • Avoid installing them in lower areas if there is water leakage. Aluminum is a light weight and strong material, less susceptible to corrosion. However, it can still get damaged and needs good maintenance.