Basic Garage Door Repair Parts - Cost Effective Options

A home with a garage.

A source of low-cost garage door repair parts is important for every cost-savvy homeowner. Though garage doors are sturdy home appliances, they require periodic maintenance or repair.

Hardware Stores

If convenience is important to you, or if the door must be repaired quickly, you can find most garage door repair parts at a local hardware store. Though this may not be the lowest price, it is arguably the most convenient and definitely the fastest source of garage door repair parts.

Online Auctions

If you know what you need, or if you are buying parts in advance, you may be able to find a good price at online auction sites such as ebay. This requires a bit of research. Before purchasing a part through an auction, know how much it costs through other sources like hardware stores or other websites. Figure in the cost of shipping and handling in your cost analysis.

DIY Sites

Do-it-yourself sites like ours provide the dual advantages of an online shop where you can buy the parts, as well as articles that will guide you in repairing or maintaining your home. You can read about the experiences of other homeowners and learn tips and tricks to help you in repairing or maintaining your garage door.