Basic Laws Regarding Do It Yourself Auto Body Collision Repair

A blue car outside.

If undertaking auto body collision repair work yourself, you will need to be aware of the many different laws that you have to take into account before returning a vehicle to the road. Undertaking any body repair work to your vehicle while understanding these will ensure that no problems arise in the future.


You must always ensure that the auto body collision repair work that you undertake puts the car in a roadworthy state. Accordingly, you must only use car parts that are appropriate to the vehicle. For example, if a new hood is required and you are obtaining a secondhand replacement, you must make sure that it is the same make and model of vehicle. A hood from the wrong vehicle will not fit properly and can result in an accident if it cannot be secured and flies up at an inopportune time. If a car has been totaled then leave it that way and scrap it. Do not be tempted to create a working car by welding significant components into place as this will result in an illegal and dangerous vehicle.


It is necessary for all vehicles on the road to have some internal identification details that are separate from the registration number which is shown on the plates at the front and rear of the vehicle. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be found at several different locations within the vehicle and you must ensure that your auto body collision repair work does not result in them being damaged or removed for any reason.


As stylish as tinted windows can make your car look, there are laws that you must comply with if you want to include them as part of the auto body collision repair process. It is illegal for the windscreen to have any tinting at all so as not to hinder the driver's view. The side windows can only have a certain amount of tint. If you are unable to see into the vehicle through the side windows, then the tint is too dark. In addition, you must ensure that you use regulation safety glass if it is necessary to replace any of the glass.


If any of the tires of the vehicle have suffered damage, ensure that they are replaced as a blowout could result if any damage to them is overlooked. Similarly, ensure that the tread of the tires is thick enough to enable them to hold the road properly. It is within the rights of the police to take your car off the road if the tires are deemed to be too worn.


As part of the auto body collision repair process, check the headlights, indicators, and brake lights to ensure that they all work properly. Replace the covers and/or bulbs if they have suffered any damage. Do not use any unusual color tints on any of the lights as this is against the law. Make sure that all the sundry accessories within your car, such as power steering, hazard lights, and horn work properly.