Basic Toilet Seat Cleaning

The average toilet seat needs to be cleaned once every two weeks, in order to maintain proper sanitation and prevent serious contamination. It may be a dreaded household chore, but cleaning your toilet seat is necessary in upholding a sanitary bathroom. Furthermore, it is quite an easy task once you have the necessary knowledge and supplies to execute the task quickly and cleanly.


It is recommended that you purchase a pair of elbow-length household latex gloves to wear while cleaning your entire toilet. These gloves should be labeled and only used for this task to prevent the spread of germs.

Wearing gloves is not necessary; however, they will protect you from infection and provide a barrier between you and your toilet. This barrier is comforting when you have to sanitize a particularly messy toilet seat.

Once you have your gloves on, run your hands under warm water to ensure that there are not any leaks. Your hands should not be wet or moist inside of the gloves. Gloves that leak are not suitable for cleaning the bathroom because they let harmful germs come into contact with your skin.

Cleaning Process

To begin cleaning, the entire toilet seat should be flipped up; resting against the tank of the toilet. Start by applying a coat of your favorite chosen household cleaning product to the bottom of the toilet seat. If you allow the cleaner to sit for thirty seconds it will loosen the grime on the inside of the seat and make any “tough to remove” stains visible.

Next, use a wash cloth to soak up the cleaner; making sure to wipe the entire bottom surface of the seat and rub off any stains. When the bottom of the seat has been cleaned to your satisfaction, the entire toilet seat and cover should be flipped down. At this time you can tidy up the top surface of your toilet seat cover.

Repeat the same process on the inside-surface of the toilet seat cover. Do not be worried about any cleaner that drips down to the seat of your toilet because it will be taken care of later.

After your toilet seat cover has been restored to its unsoiled state, you should spray down the entire surface of your toilet seat with a sanitizing agent. Allow the spray to sit for thirty seconds before thoroughly scrubbing the seat.

The bottom of the toilet seat should be checked once more before you can restore your toilet to its original position. If you follow the aforementioned steps, it won’t be long before your toilet seat is sparkling clean and safe for the whole family.


It is not advisable to use a toilet cleaning device that is installed into the tank of your toilet. Products like this release harmful chemicals into the water and erode important components of the toilet’s tank. It is better to maintain a personal cleaning schedule than purchasing a product that will be harmful to the environment and your toilet.