Basic Window Glass Replacement Guide for Various Windows

Window glass replacement is an essential part of window maintenance, especially in the event of damaged window glass. It can be a necessary investment in the value of your house. Try the recommended tips mentioned below to complete a window glass replacement more effectively.

Tip 1: Know Your Window Type and Material

Various stylish window designs are available. Knowing your window type can increase the chances of getting the project right. Every window has different glasses as per their specifications, such as awning windows, casement windows, double hung windows, picture windows, bay windows, jalousie windows, or hopper windows. All use different types and grades of glass. Therefore, understanding and knowing which window you are dealing with simplifies finding the kind of replacement glass you require.

Tip 2: Understand the Purpose of Replacement

Before you proceed with this project it is important to understand and prioritize your motives for undertaking it. If you are aiming to make your energy or insulation bills come down with the window glass replacement then investing more in energy efficient windows might be the solution. However, if you are simply looking to repair a possible crack or damage in the glass then a do-it-yourself approach along with a simple replacement might be recommended.

Tip 3: Hire the Right Contractor

Unless you have experience or a special talent in home improvement projects and have a glass replacement kit at your disposal, the window glass replacement venture often requires assistance of a professional mason. Choose your contractor after careful research in regards to his certifications, insurance and licensure status so as to assure that any possible problem which may arise could be handled diligently (it’s always advisable to be prepared for an unforeseen turn of events).

Tip 4: Take an Accurate Sample and Specifications

It is imperative that you carefully remove the old glass shards (if the glass was cracked or broken) and get a replacement glass that matches the glass in the other windows around it. Hence, choose the specimen for your new glass carefully and take note of your required dimensions before you make the purchase.

Tip 5: Choose the Appropriate Tool

Different materials in window frames require special tools at the time of removal. Metal window frames need pliers for the removal of spring clips, vinyl window frames require a screwdriver for the splines to come out whereas wooden window frames need to be cut out using a knife with as much care and caution as possible (so as to not damage the frame itself).

Tip 6: Coat the Frame

In order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the window after the glass has been replaced it is important to coat the frame with linseed oil using a thin paintbrush. Moreover, also apply glazing compound with a glazing tool on the frame so as to provide support to the window glass.