Basics on Auto Keyless Entry

Auto keyless entry systems are one of the latest trends for new vehicles. These systems offer you a convenient way of vehicle access. They allow you to access your car quickly without the use of keys. In most cases, the keyless entry device used is known as a fob which you attach to your key chain. The device allows you to access your vehicle through transmission of special codes. It is like a small radio transmitter which relays specific codes to a receiver in the car. Once the system has performed a given action, it signals through a distinct sound.

How Auto Keyless Entry Works

The Fob

The fob contains a chip and a transmitter. It also contains memory locations within its controller chip. A signal known as a hopping or rolling code is created in the chip. This code consists of a specific figure combination. Most hopping codes are designed to have a virtually unlimited number of combinations. Many of them also use high-tech encryption to prevent interception of the signal by car thieves. This makes it extremely difficult for hackers to attack the system. The fob relays the code through the transmitter to the receiver in your car. The various buttons of the fob may be color coded or bear illustrations rather than words. Each button is designed to relay a specific action. The fob also transmits a function code which specifies what action is to be taken. Most transmitters allow you to control the vehicle from up to 50 feet away. However, higher strength transmitters enable you to access your vehicle from even further.

The Receiver

The receiver in the car is a type of computer that contains memory locations within its controller chip. Once the code is transmitted by the fob, the controller chip in the receiver has to check with its memory location for a perfect match. If the receiver gets the code it expects, it proceeds to perform the specified action. If the code doesn’t match with what is stored in the memory, no action is undertaken.

Auto Keyless Entry Functions

  • Keyless entry systems allow you to lock and unlock your vehicle doors from a distance.
  • Some systems allow you access to the trunk. This is useful as you can pop your trunk when your hands are full of shopping.
  • Advanced systems allow you to open and close your car windows as well as sunroof.
  • You can also activate your interior lights with some keyless entry systems. This enables easier entry or exit from the vehicle during the night.
  • The fob can activate as well as disarm your car theft security system. In most cases, the fob contains a panic button. This activates an alarm in case of an emergency which can bring you help.
  • Auto keyless entry systems go a long way to enhance vehicle security. Modern systems change their access codes whenever the remote is used. This enhances the security system.
  • The systems may also allow you to ignite your engine without the use of a key.