Bathe in a Garden of Luxury

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If you're planning to remodel your bathroom, designing a special place for small trees and flowers can transform this simple room into a botanical haven. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), there are a number of display methods that can be used when incorporating plants into your bathroom remodeling project.

Fill Unused Walls

A free-standing display or bookcase with glass shelves can be placed against an unused wall. You may also consider installing poles across a portion of the ceiling for hanging plants or employing wall braces. Vertical poles with brackets can be effective in a corner.


A plant shelf or greenhouse window can be included in a tub area if the space allows. If your tub will also be used for a shower, plan to install a second curtain or sliding door system. Doing so will enclose the plant area when the shower is in use. It will keep steam and flowing water from hitting the plants, which could damage the leaves and scatter dirt.


Adding a skylight to your bathroom can add dramatic accent to the space. It can provide extra natural light for your plants. Remember to turn the plants regularly to give them light on all sides. Interchanging potted bathroom plants with others in sunnier locations throughout the house is also a wise strategy.

The bathroom can be a perfect place for plants. Foliage plants in particular will do much better than flowering plants, since they do not require as much direct sunlight nor a carefully controlled moisture and temperature environment. Professional bathroom designers with NKBA can convert your simple bathroom plan into a luxurious garden paradise.