4 tips on Staining Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities

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You can save common headaches when staining bathroom cabinets and vanities if you're fully prepared. With the right tools and know-how, a clean and professional grade job can be achieved. Apply the stain with a paintbrush, roller, or cloth. Here are some tips for the application process.

Masking Tape

Cover any areas that aren't to be stained with masking tape. It's easy to remove and won't leave any damage.


Stain is has the consistency of water and can be difficult to apply with a paintbrush. Dip the paintbrush half way into the stain, then remove as much as possible before applying it. Paint in 1 direction only. Apply a second coat in the opposite direction. Pat away the excess with a lint free cloth.


Use a small roller so it's easier to control. Remove excess stain from the roller before applying it. Roll in 1 direction for the first coat. Roll in the opposite direction for the second coat. Use a lint free cloth to remove excess stain.


If you are applying stain with a cloth, always use a lint free cloth. Have a second cloth available to use for dabbing off excess stain. Use the stain sparingly. Apply it to the wood in a circular motion, and apply a second coat. Remove excess stain with a clean cloth. A small paintbrush is handy for small crevices.