Bathroom Ceiling Paint Selection and Application Tips

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Selecting the right paint and adhering to some basic application tips can help avoid a disaster and make bathroom ceiling paint jobs easier. Painting the ceiling of your bathroom is awkward and messy at times. You have to take into account the paint will fall downward due to gravity while balancing on a ladder.

Also of importance when selecting bathroom paint is a color scheme. Read home improvement magazines and look online to get an idea of what color theme suits not only your personal taste, but also the design theme of your bathroom. Read this article for more important advice on choosing the right paint for your newly renovated bathroom.

Selecting the Right Bathroom Ceiling Paint

The bathroom is a place that is full of moisture and not selecting the right type of paint can lead to mold. For bathrooms it is recommended to use high gloss paint. High gloss paint will shield your wall from the moisture that can be built up by hot water, steam, and condensation that eventually causes mold.

Ceiling Painting Tips

Using a paint roller is the most effective tool with bathroom ceiling paint jobs. To use the paint roller correctly, make sure the paint is the right consistency. Do not overload the roller and make sure the strokes you use are not too fast. This will help eliminate dripping.

Using an extension pole will help alleviate the pressure on your back. Make sure you hold it out at an angle while rolling and do not extend it too far. Extending the pole too far will make it feel like it weighs twice as much.

Always remember that if you are working with a new surface, prime the ceiling first. Afterward continue by cutting in all edges, corners and around fixtures before you start rolling.