Bathroom Decor: 3 Theme Ideas

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Does your bathroom decor look drab? Maybe it's in need of a desperate pick me up. In order to clean up your bathroom a bit, consider changing the theme. Many of us take extra care of the rest of the house when it comes to decorating; however, the bathroom is often forgotten. Instead of just mixing and matching colors and patterns, why not really give your bathroom a makeover that it so desperately needs? Changing your bathroom decor will brighten it up and make it much more inviting.

Deciding on a theme for your bathroom is like decorating any other part of your house. You want to make it look nice and give it a certain feel, but you might not know the exact look you want to achieve. Here are 3 bathroom décor themes that offer a fun and interesting look.

Just Beachin' It

When we think of summer, we normally think of the beach and warm weather. In order to keep that sea breeze feel year round, many people decorate their bathroom in a beach theme. If you have white walls in your bathroom, you can change them to a light sand or even a deep blue. You can also simply keep the color as it and just work with the decorations.

Purchase a new shower curtain that offers something to the beach look, such as seashells, lighthouses, or the ocean. Once you pick that theme, try to stick with it throughout all your decorations to keep it balanced. For example if you chose to work with seashells on your curtain, buy a rug and seat cover with a color that is from the shower curtain, to make the color really pop. Do so with your towels as well. Buy seashells and seashell candles to display around your bathroom.

Hear Me Roar

Wildlife is also very popular when it comes to bathroom decor. You do not have to buy a bunch of animal figurines and an animal printed shower curtain in order to get this look. All you need is a wildlife animal pattern, such as zebra or leopard print to use for your theme.

You can purchase a printed shower curtain and a rug to match, or you can mix the colors and add something bright, such as red towels, to compliment the prints. Pick up animal printed soap and toothbrush holders, as well as a funky vase or candle.

Ever So Glamorous

Some of just want our bathrooms to look fancy and classy. An instant way to turn your dull bathroom into something purely luxurious is to use black and white for your colors. Black and white is great because it is sophisticated, but can be paired with another color and still look very chic.