Bathroom Design Tools Needed to Redesign your Bathroom

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If you are doing a bathroom remodel, then there are a few bathroom design tools that you will need for the project.

Graph Paper

Graph paper is a big help when you are designing a new space, especially a bathroom. Because you have so many fixtures that need to be worked around, such as a toilet, sink and shower, you will want to make sure that you are designing the layout in terms of measurements. Using graph paper can help make the design more realistic.

When you are making your layout with the graph paper, include not only the fixtures, but the locations of electrical outlets and water lines. This step may seem like a hassle, but the more work that you put into planning, the less frustration and mistakes will occur when remodeling.

Tape Measure and Ruler

These 2 tools will be the most important when it comes to remodeling the bathroom, so make sure to get acquainted with them from the start. Take measurements of the bathroom, the fixtures, the tiling, and the length from certain electrical outlets. The list is endless when it comes to what you will be measuring, so having a few measuring tapes and rulers handy is a great idea.

Designer Books and Programs

It is much easier to see the whole picture together at once instead of small ideas that you have to put together in your mind yourself. It is hard to look at different fixtures and patterns separately and know whether or not they will go together.

Many hardware and design stores have books or online programs that can help you see your design put together. It will allow you to see if everything you are picking out fits together and whether or not you will like the final product. Of course you can pick out your own designs; however, seeing it together will help to get the idea of which steps to take first or if just a single element of the design is off. It can potentially save you frustration and money if you begin the project and end up not liking something.